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After School Clubs

As part of our after school club offering we run the CREST award produced by the British Science Association.

For more information about the CREST award please visit our CREST award information page.

Our clubs and science workshops are situated within the school premises- providing a familiar and comfortable known environment for children.

To book your child on to a course please click on the the book now button below and select your school.  


Benefits of Kidwise Science after school club

Participating in the club will help develop children’s social skills and confidence as they interact with each other.  

 It’s a great place to learn new skills in technology and science.  


The club provides an opportunity to work as science cadets in a team focused on real life projects- just like in the “real world”. 

Taking part will give children a sense of achievement and build their confidence. 

Your child will get to take away their completed projects and show just how wonderful and unique they really are.  Our Clubs are linked to the British science association CREST award.  Star and superstar awards will be awarded to students who complete 8 x 1 hour sessions.  Please refer to CREST Awards page for further information. 


 During each fun and educational session, we help children observe and learn through exciting demonstrations, enquire about the science behind them and then engage in hands-on activities to confirm their findings.

Our sessions help children to better understand the world around them. You explore a wide variety of scientific topics across Chemistry, Biology and Physics which are linked to and supplement the National Curriculum.  

Parents also receive a topic sheet after every session telling them exactly what their child has done and other ideas for further learning at home.

Contact Us

PLEASE NOTE: your child must already attend the listed Schools in order to enrol.

If your school is not running our Science Club please Contact Us and we will contact them to set one up.

If your school is running our club, but enrolment is handled internally, please contact your school directly to enrol.

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