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Kidwise Home School Curriculum

Homeschooling parents know science can be a difficult subject to teach. 

Even if your student understands basic scientific principles, some children simply do not like science and that can lead to a lot of complaining. Add to that, the cost of equipment and materials for labs and it’s understandable why so many parents shy away from teaching science at home.

We at Kidwise use the national curriculum primary school guidlines as a guide to prepare our lessons. We take the topics and then make them FUN! We achieve this by giving students the opportunity to carry out lots of hands on practicals. 

The lessons have been prepared for children aged 5–11and they provide a strong foundation for later learning. These sessions are run in a practical manner and help develop that love or science.

 For our youngest students aged 5-7 we offer a range of Lower Primary courses. These students will require a high level of teacher led support.

 We also offer Upper Primary courses for children aged 7-11. As children progress through the Upper Primary years their level of independence with studying will begin to increase. 

Lessons start at £15.00 per session per child and a minimum of  5 students are required for the session to go ahead. 

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