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All About Kidwise

KidWise is a science lab built especially for kids where they can do fun and exciting hands-on experiments with parents or while being guided by our own scientist.

We began with the simple notion of creating a real lab where children of all ages and their families could participate in intelligent, fun, hands-on science. Put on goggles and a lab coat and carry out fun experiments. It's based on two it will help educate children about science and secondly and most importantly show children how much fun SCIENCE really is!

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Promoting a LOVE of Science

We know the best way to engage children in learning about science is through the same way our own passion in learning science had started; that is through the classical trial and error, hands-on approach. Since then we have been determined to create a real, fully equipped science laboratory where kids of all ages and backgrounds could play, experiment and learn.

Created by a Scientist for our future Scientists

 Equipped with a lab coat, safety goggles, and reports to record observations, your child's knowledge and interest in science and math will skyrocket 

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Meet The Team


Sumera Kidwai

Kidwise group started from the ambitions of a teacher, our founder Sumera Kidwai, to improve the employment chances of her pupils post education.

She saw that children and young people have the gift of inspiring, challenging and learning from each other. Working in state sector schools in on of the most socially diverse, and deprived, Borough’s in London, Sumera saw the incredible potential of her pupils, despite their poor self-confidence and low educational aspirations, with many believing that they couldn’t succeed in school or beyond.

However, when working with other children and young people they were able to engage, empower and motivate each other to succeed. Sumera, with a group of parents, young people and with the support of the London Borough of Hounslow set up her first science learning workshops. The workshops are designed to be spaces where children and young people have a sense of true belonging, safe spaces to learn through trial and error and where children can challenge and motivate each other to achieve their full potential.

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